How We Work

Users' needs are our top priority

We always have in our mind the “customer why’s”. Why they would prefer to sit on our chair?
Which features are valuable for them? In a simple way, why they would enjoy it!
Keeping these questions in mind, we prioritize their needs and shape consequently what we create.

Innovate together

At Porus we believe in an environment of co-creation and open innovation.
We believe we can generate positive collaborations with all the entities that interrelate with us.
We look for win-win situations internally, with our partners and the ecosystem we act in.
Our experience shows that this approach offers many advantages. It creates an environment
for fresh and multidisciplinary ideas, it generates cost efficiencies, it benefits the ecosystem
rather than just one company. We foster interaction for innovation.


Strive for smart valuable solutions

Our team believes that there is no one-right solution until we haven’t seen that it is the right solution.
Our product development is a learning process itself in which the flow of ideas and the sharing of knowledge
provide a vibrant and creative environment that aims to generate smart products for people’s homes.

Put passion in our work

We strongly believe in our products. We do them with passion and having fun, and we hope to convey
this spirit through our product to your homes.