What is this blog, What is Porus.

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Porus is a new company in which enthusiast skilled professionals mix smart design and technology to create furniture products that improve people everyday wellbeing, providing a superior and enjoyable experience. A holistic approach during each stage of the development process is reflected in the products we create, in which design, functionality, personal style, comfort and quality are combined with harmony delivering great value for money. Innovative and modular thinking is what allow Porus to combine design and technology into smart and durable products.

But wellbeing in the house is not just furniture, is also the right book, the perfect music in the background, the right cocktail to invite the friends over, the new rising artist piece of art on your wall. And so on... this blog will be an open door to collaboration to suggest in line with our value of co-creating value together.  reader what will make him enjoy his time.

So... welcome. What do you want to share?

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